No. 59 - Corf

No. 59 - Corf

Ponte di Legno / Villa Dalegno / Canè / Premia / S. Clemente / Grano / Stadolina / Temù / Ponte di Legno

3:30 h

This spectacular itinerary embraces both slopes of higher Valle Camonica. After the first steep climb of Garìo, the route is not particularly difficult and offers remarkable panoramic viewpoints as well.

Track details

  • Recommended period: june / october
  • Lenght: 31 km.
  • Ascent: 1.076 mt.
  • Average elevation: 7%
  • Average time: 3.30 h.
  • Asphalt: 30%
  • Dirt: 52%
  • Muletrack: 16%
  • Single track: 2%
  • Difficulty: medium

Track description

From Ponte di Legno take the new scenic road by the chapel of the Buon Consiglio and get to the centre of Villa Dalegno. Turn right and continue up to the top end of the hamlet. Here turn left and - after getting your breath back - start the really toiling cobblestones to the mountain huts of Garìo. Do not let yourself be frightened by this short but demanding stretch: a marvellous crossing alongside the pleasant ups and downs of the right slope of higher Valle Camonica starts from here.

Proceed to the West, ride through the village of Canè, go past the scenic mountain pasture of Premia and reach Margine di Vione, a charming place where you can have a rest and fill up with fresh water. 200 mt. after the fountain, turn left and take the mule track that goes through the wood and reaches Margine di Stadolina. By the last hut take the steep trail on your left, which leads to the road on the right and gets to the little church of St. Clemente (notice the clock tower of the XIII century). Continue westward and reach the spectacular Val Grande, which you will cross on both sides on a wonderful forest track. In Cormignano a steep mule track leads you to Grano; then turn right through the houses and take a grassy path that – after 300 mt. by a crucifix – takes on a demanding but enjoying mule track going downhill to Davena on the left. Cross the National Road no. 42 and reach the lower part of the hamlet and proceed on the old asphalt road of the valley bottom. Ride across the bridge on river Oglio, shift on the left slope of higher Valle Camonica towards east and return to Ponte di Legno. By the mouth of the Val Paghera take the long dirt road that takes to Case Vallaro with many pleasant ups and downs. Continue to the right through some paddocks and get to the outskirts of Temù, then cross the torrent Avio. Climb uphill to the right, go past the restaurant Traviolo and take the forest road that runs alongside the whole slopes up to Ponte di Legno.