No. 69 - Gran Tour of Mortirolo

No. 69 - Gran Tour of Mortirolo

Ponte di Legno / Incudine / Mola / Mortirolo / Pianaccio / S. Clemente / Stadolina / Ponte di Legno

6:00 h

The Mortirolo – famous for Pantani's challenging climbs – is a fantastic and full off-road tour. The route runs almost entirely through the pastures of the scenic slopes between the Valtellina and the higher Valle Camonica.

Track details

  • Recommended period: june / october
  • Lenght: 70 km.
  • Ascent: 2.110 mt.
  • Average elevation: 9%
  • Average time: 6.00 h.
  • Asphalt: 65%
  • Dirt: 30%
  • Muletrack: 5%
  • Difficulty: medium

Track description

From Ponte di Legno go downhill the length of the cycling path of higher Valle Camonica up to Fontanacce di Vezza d’Oglio. Ride across the bridge over the river Oglio, turn right, take the old dirt road of the Valle Camonica (Via Valeriana – notice the ancient bridge of the “Salto del lupo” on river Oglio) and get to Incudine. Continue on the national road no. 42 for about 1.5 km. and, by the junction to Monno, turn to the right. After climbing for 500 mt., take the dirt downhill road that leads you to the beautiful little church of St. Brizio. The slight slope proceeds to the nice sunny slope and passes through the rural hamlets of Edolo and finally gets to the junction with the switchback of an asphalt road. Here begins a long climb (9 km.) on the beautiful regularly sloping road that takes to the scenic meadows of Mola (1700 mt.). After riding through the pasture, the track becomes a dirt road and proceeds with pleasant ups and downs up to Coren, where a steep climb gets to the hamlet of Bagno, the best panoramic viewpoint over the wide Val Guspessa. The dirt road continues as a slight slope for other 4 km. up to the picturesque lake of Guspessa, where it crosses the asphalt and scenic road that from Trivigno gets to the Mortirolo. Here you can make a diversion of 1,5 km. and reach the lake of the Mortirolo for a nice rest. After regaining your energies, continue eastwards on the road to the Pianaccio. Do not miss the blooming of rhododendrons in July and of the heather in September. Making a quick detour to the right you can visit the trenches at the foot of Monte Pagano. Back on the main route again, downhill for some hundred meters, turn left on the forest track that takes to Val Bighera hut. Here a demanding mule track takes you down to the Val Grande. On a pleasant dirt road you have to shift on the opposite side of the valley and, riding halfway on the mountain slope, reach the church of St. Clemente first (please have a look at its clock tower of the XII century) and then to Stadolina on the new Karolingia route. Ride downhill through the village, take the underpass under the national road, reach the valley bottom and return to Ponte di Legno.