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Mountain bike tracks
amazing landscapes
and unspoiled nature..

MTB trails

There are many MTB trails at the foot of the Adamello and all our magnificent mountains, all mapped and available on GPS, and all well signposted. Each cyclist can opt for the trail most suitable for his own ability and physical preparation, thanks to the specific maps with description distance and altitude difference. The rails are divided into three difficulty ratings: blue (easy) for whoever is looking for an undemanding but, nevertheless, exciting trail, red (average) for those quite well trained: these are usually fairly long and with significant altitude differences, and black (difficult) for those looking for the 'Maximum': very technical and steep routes usually found at high altitudes.

Enduro Trails

For the more adventurous bikers: technical, exciting and taking place among breath-taking landscapes. Each route is divided by difficulty, its technical characteristics accurately described, mapped by GPS and specifically signed.