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Mountains that have made
Giro d'Italia a myth

Discover the great climbs

Mountains made famous by the great champions of the Giro d'Italia, breathtaking scenery, challenging climbs putting even the most experienced riders to the test. Here you can ride the most strategic stages, unforgettable cycling ventures which have become legendary and are associated with the great names of international cycling.

Gavia bike, the road specialists

Gavia Bike holidays can offer an excellent service to the cyclist wishing to take on the Gavia Pass, Mortirolo or Pass Tonale. Discover how you can live this experience with people passionate about their work.

Challenge the champions

Mortirolo is one of the most difficult climbs in the Giro d'Italia and is in fact only one of the very few which is timed. During each Giro, the champions have established record times, always getting faster: now you can try to compare to the top riders and who knows even try to beat them!!!